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painting of the month-september

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I am Shravani Arvind Mane. I am from Vasai. I am suffering from cerebral palcy. Above lines suits me well because there’s nothing anyone canot do. If you want to do something and your eagerly trying to achieve something you can do it. I think I am totally normal. I am not different…..no i am not. Your physical condition never defines you. If you and your family are strong no one can stop you from achieving what you want.

For me my parents and sister are my biggest backbone my supporter my inspiration. specially my mom she sacrifices her career for my better well being. She always wants me to live like other Normal kids. My dad too is my greatest supporter. When i was people including doctors said many things about me like i can’t study in English that’s why my parents sent me in marathi medium school and I have no regrets about it. I am writing this in English that proves that its just a language anyone can learn it if they want despite of their physical condition again they said that i cant do math and the irony is i am commerce post graduate also there were people suggested my people to sent me in a special school.

But I proved them wrong I was among top ten students of my school in SSC board by scoring 81.07% During my college admissions someone from the college asked my mom about why is she putting her daughter in normal college instead of going for distance learning but my parents were firm. They sent me to the college and I work hard. I was a topper of my college for both graduation with 89.14% and post graduation with 82% and gold medal.
After college i was worried about how I am going to do a job. I enrolled my self for 2 years mba program and along with that I started studying for various competitive exams. In 2017 I got a job in bank. It was another big challenge. people were shockedby seeing a handicap girl coming on a wh to join their office. I was burden for them. I was like good for nothing. but when they realized what I am what are my abilities they completely forgot abot my disability. We had limited staff so rhere were time when I had to manage entire work except cash counter. In 2018 i gave exam of Mahagenco and I was in a top list in all over Maharashtra.
I know it’s just a beginning there’s lot more i have to achieve. I just want to thank my parents. My mom she used to carry me in school and college. She used to sit there whole day so that i could grow. My dad for being so supportive to my mom when she decided to quit her central government job for her daughter despite of financial problems, for facing many economic problems due to my costly physiotherapy. My sister who is younger to me but for always acting like my guardian. And each one of you whom I know Thank you so much for inspiring me including my teacher who had faith on me, my friends who never makes me realize that i am different and my family.
Lastly i just want to say have faith on yourself and nothing is impossible for you….