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Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy Constitution

Section 1

Name : This organization as of now will be known as Indian Academy Of Cerebral Palsy Registered office presently located at:
408, Amrit Apartments, Phase II, Kapadia Lane, Somajiguda,
Hyderabad – 500082, AP, India.

This office can be relocated from time to time as the members of the executive body may so designate. However for regular activity of the academy, the address of the President of the IACP shall be deemed as the Central office of the Academy for all practical purposes as he/she will be totally in charge of all the activities of the IACP during the tenure of his/her term of office.

Section 2

Mission Statement : The purpose of the Academy

  1. To promote awareness of Cerebral Palsy and other related spectrum of Neuro Developmental Disorders at Professional, Educational, Community & Social levels as important group of health initiatives which need our urgent attention and action both at care and prevention levels.As these disorders are multi disciplinary in nature, the Academy shall be committed to foster interactions and stimulate networking among health / developmental professionals to facilitate evolution of innovative, culturally relevant and cost effective models of care cutting across specialties.
  2. To promote measures at all times to improve professional education and need based research in the field of Developmental Sciences for the welfare of persons with neuro developmental disabilities, their families and community at large.
  3. The academy may also receive, use, hold and utilize gifts, bequest and endowments in carrying forward such endeavors as determined by the executive body.
  4. The Academy shall be committed to reach the un reached and train professionals across the country by providing opportunities to learn, re learn, and un learn some of the existing myths by exposing them to the latest evidence based scientific advances in the field by conducting annual conferences and / or Continuing educational programs by a process of knowledge translation.
  5. To promote translational research based on basic science advances and encourage emerging young talent by improved exposure to national and international expertise by creating opportunity to work with mentors at centers of excellence by networking and collaborative efforts with both national and international academies.The academy shall be committed to treat all professionals involved in the care of persons with disability as equal partners by fostering fusion of bio medical and social models of disability care with a person-first approach.
  6. To promote and participate in the development of Practices and Policies that help in the implementation of the United Nations Development Program for children, adolescent and adult persons with developmental disabilities for their place under sun shine on the principles of participation, inclusion in all spheres of life skills to achieve improvement in quality of life for empowerment as well as enablement.
  7. To act as a strong advocacy body to bring about changes in curriculum of Medical and related specialties at university, medical council of India, Indian council of medical research, department of science and technology and ministry of health levels for enhanced coverage of developmental disabilities as compulsory topics for both teaching and training at under graduate, post graduate and doctoral levels.
  8. To promote the usage of people first language universally among members of IACP and abolish derogatory labels like spastic, autistic, dyslexic etc by pre – fixing the person as an individual rather than the stereo typed disability caricature for example referring to a child as child with spastic cerebral palsy and not as spastic child.
Section 3

Operational limitations: The academy shall always be operated solely for the above purposes and no part of the earnings of the academy shall benefit any member, office bearer or any other organization but shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered by any one at the discretion of the executive body. No member or organization shall utilize the name and assets of the academy for personal gains of any nature. The limitations of the Academy are governed by the laws laid down by the Registrar of Societies act under which the Academy is registered.

The Academy shall not show any political inclination excepting to participate in any Government initiated legislation proposed for the welfare of disabled persons.

Section 4

Membership :
Eligibility for Members :
There shall be 6 categories of membership. Eligibility for SAARC and non SAARC members are same.

  1. Life Membership : They have to be all degree holders with recognition from their respective council or recognized bodies. These members are medical doctors, physical, occupational and speech therapists, psychologists, prosthetic/Orthotic Engineers, Nurses, Special Educators and medico social workers
  2. Associate Membership : Ayush and diploma holders in respective profession or any persons with degree / diploma in alternative medicine. They have no voting rights. Any associate member can apply for life membership between 3 to 5 years if they have relevant scientific presentations, publications and it has to be submitted to credential committee nominated by the EB. Student Members- annual fee and no voting rights. Professional bodies ,NGO, Parent organizations and family forum members (Parents and persons with disability and main stream teachers – no voting rights.
  3. International members / organizations – no voting rights
  4. Emeritus Members : Any member above the age of 70 years.
  5. Fellow Members: Awarded to persons with distinguished work in the field.
  6. Honorary Membership : Invited members with an expertise in their profession whose work is complimentary to IACP mission like some one from child rights committee. The time frame for such members is 3 years. They could be selected in their personal capacity or representing any government or organizational post. We could select persons with different expertise helping in our fields of medicine, therapy etc. At a given time we could have a total of 15 such distinguished fellows over a period of three years. The above categories namely 4 to 6 are invited by EB and need not apply for membership.

All new members will have provisional life membership for three years and later will become permanent members. Provisional members interested in becoming permanent members should attend at least one of the three consecutive GB meetings. All membership applications will be scrutinized by the membership committee and will be announced after the committee meeting annually.

Eligibility for membership :
Members from all disciplines of Medicine, Physio / Occupational and Speech Therapy, Psychology, Orthotic and Prosthetic / Bio Medical Engineering, Special education, Medical Social Workers with appropriate degrees (bachelor and above) who have work experience in the relevant field for a minimum of three years and show significant interest and competence in the field are eligible to be members. However the selection will be at the discretion of the membership committee of the IACP. Professional bodies and Parent Associations: They should be registered organizations with bonafide details of their area of work.
Students : shall submit certification from head of the institute.
Note : The Academy also holds the right to reject or cancel membership if the concerned member or organization are found to be acting contradictory to the interest of the academy.
Privileges : All members and fellows are eligible to attend meetings and conferences but the right to vote and hold office shall be confined to permanent life members only.
Financial obligations : All members shall pay a life membership fees as below:

  1. Fellow life membership : Rs.1500/ for the first 500 members. Subsequent fees post 500 members will be decided by the executive body.
  2. Associate life member : Rs.1000/
  3. Professional bodies and parent organizations : Rs.3000/
  4. Student members: Rs.300 per annum.
  5. International Life Members : Individuals : USD100 & Organizations USD 250

However executive body may revise the membership dues / fees from time to time.
Annual Meeting of members: The annual meeting of members shall be held along with the annual conference or during one of the CME programs as determined by the executive body. Such meetings shall be held for review of policies and programs undertaken by the executive body in the preceding year and plans for the forth coming year. During the meeting administrative and financial activities carried out during the preceding and planned for forthcoming year will also be discussed and approved as required.
Special meetings may be called by the President of the academy in the event of any pressing need. Written or printed notice of each meeting either through news letter or otherwise stating place, date & time will be circulated to all members not less than one month from the date of posting such information stating the purpose of such meeting. Such notice shall be deemed delivered when posted as per the address provided in the registry / records of the academy.
The academy shall request the members regularly through their bi annual news letter to update their contact details from time to time to avoid loss of information and such responsibility lies with the members themselves.

Quorum : For transaction of any business of the academy a minimum attendance of 10% of total members shall be considered. In the absence of such numbers the meeting shall be adjourned and re convened for considering existing number of members as the quorum to complete the transactions at the discretion of the executive body of which at least 50% of the executive body members is adequate.

Section 5

Executive Body
The executive body of the Academy shall consist of the following members:

  1. President
  2. Vice President – I
  3. Vice President – II
  4. General Secretary
  5. Associate General secretary
  6. Treasurer
  7. Joint Treasurer

The above members basically form the elected core working group of the academy. However there shall be a provision for five more elected members from the various specialities in the executive body to assist the above office bearers. Past Presidents of the Academy will also be part of the executive body ex officio with voting rights and will function as advisors and mentors.

Election and term of above office bearers:
The core working group of the executive body will be elected by the members present during the general body meeting and shall serve a term of three years. For election purpose a notice of at least six weeks shall be given to all the members along with papers for filing nominations as per standard proforma in time before the election date. Any member who is physically not present at the time of elections at the venue shall not be eligible for any EB post even if his nomination is legitimately filed.

Election Criteria :

  1. Eligibility of the contestants for EB needs to be scrutinized by the election committee. Only Life Members can contest after having served at least one term as a Member on the Executive body before applying for the post of General Secretary / President, or Vice-President and there shall be good representation on the EB from the following specialties.
    • Surgical
    • Non-Surgical
    • Therapy
    • P.M.R.
    • Psychosocial / Education
  2. All members for any post for election should be of good moral character and have no criminal cases pending and if so during the term / tenure his / her posts gets automatically cancelled. The term of the executive body will be for a period of three years. Normally members of the EB shall not hold the same post for more than one term of three years though succession to the next higher post is permitted. However in the case of President there is no higher post in the academy.
  3. “In order to retain continuity of purpose of academy the Founder Members who have worked for enhancement and growth of organization will be given the chance to be elevated to higher post without elections. Elections can be held only for other remaining vacant posts.

In the event of extra ordinary performance or situations the tenure of the President can be extended for a period of not more than one more year by a majority vote. In such an extended term of office the President has the prerogative of retaining the existing core working group of the EB or seek new members.

Section 6

Powers Of The Office Bearers
President : The president of the academy will function as the Chief Executive Officer and shall have the overall control of all the activities. He / she shall also be responsible for the direction and general supervision of all the activities pursued by the academy and shall have the prerogative of final decision on the recommendations of the subcommittees. After completion of his term he will be the Ex officio member of the EB. He / she shall also be the approving authority along with the General Secretary for all the financial matters. He / She shall act as the presiding officer for all the EB & GB meetings. The president shall be the guiding authority and navigator for all the endeavors of the academy
Vice Presidents I & II : Shall play a supporting role to the President and will carry out any responsibilities assigned by the President. In the absence of the President the Senior Vice President will act as the presiding officer during the meetings of the Academy. However the Vice Presidents shall not have any independent executive powers unless delegated by the President.
General Secretary : He / She will keep the minutes of the records of the meetings of the Academy. He / she will be responsible for all notices to be duly sent as per the stated provisions of the Academy. He / she will be responsible for execution of the decisions taken by the EB / GB in consultation with the President. He / She shall be jointly responsible for the direction of the Academy activities as per the programs initiated by the President. He / She will also share the financial responsibility of the Academy along with the President both in generating income and control of the expenses. He / She will also be the approving authority for any expenses incurred by the Academy along with the President.
Associate General Secretary : He / She shall support the General Secretary in implementing the Academy programs.
Treasurer : Shall be solely responsible for maintaining adequate and correct accounts of the Academy at all times during his / her tenure. The Treasurer shall deposit all money received to the designated bank account and shall keep account of the expenditure, assets, liabilities, gains and losses. He will have the authority to sign the cheques on behalf of the academy either singly or along with one more person either the President or General Secretary. However each and every expenditure shall have the approval of the President or the General Secretary and such written approval is mandatory before disbursement of funds. The Treasurer shall also keep record of each expenditure along with the corresponding approval note, voucher, receipts. Treasurer shall submit copies of the quarterly bank statement to the President and the General Secretary along with details of any expenditure incurred during the said period.
Joint Treasurer : He / she will assist the treasurer in all his capacities and will be in touch with him / her regularly.
EB members : Will be responsible for all the activities delegated to them by the President from time to time and will be in communication with the President and General Secretary.

Section 7

Committees :
The committees shall be the back bone and implementation arm of all IACP programs. These committees shall actively work all through the year and draw up guidelines, protocols and ensure their implementation in respective areas of work. This way, we shall not be restricting IACP activity only to conducting Annual conferences.

  1. Academic committees – Early diagnosis, Developmental Intervention and life span care, Surgical and Medical management, Education & Psycho Social aspects, Orthotics and Assistive technology, Prevention & Epidemiology, Research & Outcomes.
  2. Website management committee
  3. Fellowship, Training, Conference & CME Committee
  4. National & International liasoning committee
  5. News letter, Brochure & Publication committee
  6. Family Forum, Advocacy & Awareness committee
  7. Membership,Scrutization & Credential committee

Each committee will have a Chairperson, Co chair & one or two members all of whom should be members of the academy except for the Academic committee which may have more members to cater to different academic aspects mentioned.

Section 8


The Finance management will mainly consist of the following aspects;

  1. Financial status and operation of the academy accounts
  2. Fund raising & Endowment affairs
  3. Control of expenditure

For this purpose a separate committee will be formed with the President as chairperson with General Secretary as Co chair and Treasurer & Joint Treasurer as members

Section 9

General Provisions
Using the name of the Academy : No member individually or in a group shall use the name of the cademy for any activity with out clear approval of the EB prior to conducting any such activity.
Execution of contracts : EB may authorize any member to enter into any contract or execute any instrument on behalf of the academy and such authority may be general or case specific. However such authorized member shall seek the written approval of the President before entering into any contract or execution of any instrument for which he / she is authorized. Unless so authorized by the EB, no member shall have any power or authority to bind the academy by any contract or engagement or to pledge its credit or to render it liable for any purpose or in any amount.
Compensation : The EB members shall serve the Academy in honorary capacity only with out any compensation. In case of any expenses are to be incurred by any member for conducting business of the academy, such compensation needs to be authorized from time to time by the Finance committee for actual expenses.. Even in such cases prior written approval from the President or General Secretary is mandatory.
Reference to other organizations : Any reference to any other organization, Association or Academy or Institution shall be for conducting specified activity only with due approval from the President for a said period only.
Fiscal Year : The fiscal year of the Academy for financial purpose will be from current April to following March. After every fiscal year the treasure will be required to prepare the Financial statements, Balance Sheet etc which has to be certified by Auditors approved by the EB.
Removal and Vacancies of EB members : Any office bearers of the EB may be removed from office by two thirds vote of the EB for failure in discharging the relegated duties or disinterest and non participation in the activities of the EB after being served notice for inaction.
It is expected that all the EB members shall attend the Annual conference & actively participate in the proceeding of the GBM. However if any EB member is absent from more than one such Annual Conference & GBM / EBM in the absence of a GBM during their term of three years, they automatically get disqualified from being in the EB and another member will be nominated in his /her place as required. Further they will not be nominated for any post in the EB in future.
Any vacancies among the executive body members arising from any cause before completion of the term shall be filled by consensus of the EB.
Reports : All members of various committees formed shall send their periodic reports directly to the President with a copy to the General Secretary. Minimal period for sending such report shall be once in three months at least.
Reconstitution of Committees : The activities of all the committees shall be reviewed from time to time depending upon their responsibilities entrusted. However if any committee work is not found satisfactory it may re constituted or discontinued.
Attending Annual Conferences : It is mandatory for all the members of the Academy including the EB members to register for the conference by paying the stipulated registration fees even if they are invited faculty. EB members, even if they are faculty, should not expect or demand travel expenses for attending Annual Conferences unless offered by the local organizers on their own.
Guests : Any member from any medical or allied specialties who has significant contribution to the field &with good professional standing shall be permitted to attend conference or CME with due payment of registration fees. However, the Academy can assist him or her by invitation for getting travel permits or official leave from their organization. Officially invited guest faculty shall not be required to pay registration fee.
Local Bodies : In future, there shall be a provision for setting up city / regional branches of IACP as most of the members are concentrated in few cities or specific areas. This will enable members in those areas to interact on a periodic basis among themselves and organize CME locally in between IACP annual meetings. However for starting such a local branch a minimum of 25 members of IACP is mandatory. Further there shall not be any local membership fees towards starting and operating such a branch. They shall also seek prior approval of the President or General Secretary before such programs which should concur with IACP mission and submit a detailed report to the President or General Secretary after completion. All such programs will be high lighted in IACP news letter.

Section 10

There shall be provision for amendment of any part or parts of the above sections from time to time without altering the basic structure of the academy. Such amendments if any proposed, shall be thoroughly discussed by the executive body and passed by a majority vote. However such amendments shall come into force only after they have been ratified by the following GBM also by a majority vote. For such purpose the General Secretary shall circulate details of such proposals to all the members well in advance before the GBM is held.