Working committees


Chairpersons - Dr Ashok Johari & dr.Shashikala
Members -- Dr. Gajanan Bhalerao, Dr. SAmanta, Dr. Anand verma

Medical education

Chair person - Dr. Shashikala
Members -- Dr Sunanda Kolli reddy, Dr. Anand Verma & Dr.Satendra singh

Community awareness

Chairman - Dr. Dhruv Mehta
Members -- Dr. Shelke, Mrs.Shobha sunder, Dr. Rama guru

Newsletter& Publications

Chair person - K. D. Mallikarjun & Dr. Sunanda kolli Reddy
Members -- Dr.Samantha, Dr. Madhavi Kelapure Dr. kruti shah

Assistive technology

Chair person - Dr. Dhruv Mehta & DR. Shaktidas
Members -- Dr. Anand Verma, Dr. Anita suresh OT, Dr. Trupti Nisarge

Conference & protocol committee

Chair person - Dr. A johari & Dr. Shashikala
Members -- Dr. Asha chitinis, Dr. Gajanan B, Dr. Shakthidas

CP day celebration committee

Chair person - Dr. Shelke & Dr. Vipulshah
Members -- Dr. Rujuta Mehta, Dr. Anjali desphande , Mrs. Shobha sundar

Disciplinary Committee

Dr. M. Mahadeviah, Dr. A. johari, Dr. Anaita, Dr. Sunanda kolli reddy

National & Inter national liasoning committee

Chair person - Dr. Ashok johari (IOA.POSI & POSNI)
Members -- Dr. G. Shashikala (Mackeith press& CAnchild),
DR. Anaita Hegde(IAN& IEA ), Dr. Samantha(IAP),
Dr.Vipulshah (AACPDM & ICNA) Dr. Ashachitnise (IAP),
DR. Ananda vernma(APMR), DR. Trupti Nikharge(AIOTA)

Fund Raising

Chair person - Dr. Anaita Hegde & Dr.A.K.Purohit
Members -- Jasmit, Asha Sonavane, DR. Ramguru

Webmaster, cyber space & media

Chairman - KD Mallikarjuna
Members -- Taral Nagda ,Sanket Khadilkar & Harish Badiger

All committees have the President & Gen ,secretary over seeing & they all need to interact among themselves & give us quarterly feedback. Members from one committee are welcome to give relevant suggestions & opinions on other committee inputs.