I bring to all IACP members & web readers, greetings from my team which was installed at our Hyderabadconference on 11th October 2014 evening for a 3 year term after a marathon 3hr GB meeting attended by significant number of members. This interest in attendance at our GBM itself augurs well for takingacademy to better heights.

Many changes have been ushered in, in this year’s GBM decisions - whose minutes will be put up in thenext newsletter. We really intend to focus on the conduct of our conferences which should serve themission for which this academy was formed a decade ago .10 years is a short period in the life of anyorganization but is a ripe time to define where & how we are moving towards our goals & rethink on ourfunctioning styles. Lot more work has been delegated to office bearers & sub committees have been formed to implement realistic programs rooted to ground level needs which I define as follows.

  1. True knowledge translation at our conferences & CME programs with strict adherence to the principlesof EBM. There is no place for controversial therapies to be put up in our conferences & send wrongmessages in the guise of research work to younger colleagues.
  2. Reaching the unreached- Training our rural service sector by implementing & evolving modules ofContinuing education for rural health workers.
  3. Improvement in quality of services by improving our educational curricula in all developmentalneurosciences- beginning with where it all needs to begin-medical curriculum.
  4. Community awareness initiatives which are the cornerstone of all our advocacy initiatives which iscompulsory for all members & particularly office bearers & subcommittee members who will no more bepaper functionaries from now onwards.
  5. All EB & subcommittees will be answerable to Board of Directors who will also look into disciplinaryactions against erring members .They shall be our keepers of Conscience & torch bearers.

To be able to do this in the next three years, we need your support for me & my team so that we all become better persons even before attempting to become better professionals. I quote his holiness. Dalai Lama who tells us how to become better persons by becoming more caring, more sensible, more detached, more loving, more humanitarian, more responsible & morethan anything else -more ethical.

I leave it to all of you to ponder on these thoughts, question yourselves & take corrective action for all lapses personally & collectively in building this visionary organization whose heart & soul is driven by commitment for improving quality of life of persons with disability at all levels as per ICF concepts. I take it for granted that you will give us unflinching support in this sincere endeavor. Be there at Cuttack in December 2015 for the annual meeting to lend your helping hand in our mission. In the service of Academy & what it stands for!

President, IACP