IACP membership

Our members make us what we are – a vibrant and diverse worldwide community,
advancing excellence in the field of cerebral palsy.

Why join us?

Knowledge, networks and support

We represent and support our members, bringing together professionals working for cerebral palsy from all over the world. Members stay up-to-date by receiving newsletters and invitations to upcoming events, including our Annual General Meeting

  • Engage with the professional community, sharing your ideas and expertise with like-minded people
  • Let us help you manage your career and we will provide practical support when you need it most

Which membership category should you choose?

There shall be 6 categories of membership. Eligibility for SAARC and non SAARC members are same.

1.      Rs 1500/- for Life Membership   They have to be all degree holders with recognition from their respective council or recognized bodies. These members are medical doctors, physical, occupational and speech therapists, Psychologists, prosthetic/Orthotic Engineers, Nurses, Special Educators and Medico Social workers
2.      Rs 1000/- for Associate Membership   Ayush and diploma holders in respective profession or any persons with degree / diploma in alternative medicine
3.      Rs 300/- for Student Members  Annual fee and no voting rights.
4.      Rs 3000/- for Professional bodies  NGO, Parent organizations and family forum members (Parents and persons with disability and main stream teachers – no voting rights.
5.      USD 100 For individuals - no voting rights
6.      USD 250 For International members / organizations - no voting rights
7.      Emeritus Members Any member above the age of 70 years.
8.      Fellow Members: Awarded to persons with distinguished work in the field.
  • 9.       Honorary Membership Invited members with an expertise in their profession whose work is complimentary to IACP mission like some one from child rights committee. The time frame for such members is 3 years. They could be selected in their personal capacity or representing any government or organizational post. We could select persons with different expertise helping in our fields of medicine, therapy etc. At a given time we could have a total of 15 such distinguished fellows over a period of three years.

The above categories namely 4 to 6 are invited by EB and need not apply for membership.

Eligibility for membership :

Members from all disciplines of Medicine, Physio / Occupational and Speech Therapy, Psychology, Orthotic and Prosthetic / Bio Medical Engineering, Special education, Medical Social Workers with appropriate degrees (bachelor and above) who have work experience in the relevant field for a minimum of three years and show significant interest and competence in the field are eligible to be members. However the selection will be at the discretion of the membership committee of the IACP.

Professional bodies and Parent Associations: They should be registered organizations with bonafide details of their area of work.

Students : shall submit certification from head of the institute.

Note : The Academy also holds the right to reject or cancel membership if the concerned member or organization are found to be acting contradictory to the interest of the academy.

How to pay


Where to send the application form

Send filled in application form to
K D Mallikarjuna,
9-129,Road No.4,
Lakshminagar, Saroornagar
Hyderabad -500035